About Us

Our CSR Commitments

At VSTEP, we are committed to limit our impact on the environment. The VSTEP offices are located in modern, energy-conserving buildings, on the doorstep of all means of public transport.

During business trips, each air travel trip is considered on its environmental consequences and only undertaken when absolutely required, with a preference for airlines that take their environmental responsibilities seriously. Care is taken in details such as vendor selection, the use of materials etc. with the environment in mind. Our VSTEP employees are actively encouraged to respect the environment in their daily life.

VSTEP has become a member of the Green Award Foundation since 2014 as an incentive provider. Yet, it is the products of VSTEP that offer the most environment-friendly benefits: starting with our simulators which are considered as the least energy consuming ones in the market. VSTEP’s technology enables its simulator hardware to be run on relatively limited amount of PCs compared to other simulator systems. VSTEP selects hardware for their simulators with awareness of its energy consumption, always choosing the best in class. It is a given fact that training by simulation has many benefits over real life training, including not in the least place being environment-friendly and energy saving.

Environmental protection is actively pursued at all times and awareness of environmental consequences is in our DNA for everything we do at VSTEP.

Since 20 December 2016, VSTEP has become a participant of the United Nations Global Compact aligning its strategies and daily operations in line with the ten global principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.