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The founders of VSTEP had envisioned since its founding in 2002, that computer software could be developed to prepare safety and marine professionals for incidents in a virtual environment. The founders brought together a group of software engineers led by entrepreneurs to bring that vision into reality: to develop simulators for maritime, safety and security professionals to train in a realistic environment, without the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional training.

Great steps forward will be made in training those who have to face the management of incident and emergencies both onshore and offshore if software can be developed that makes such virtual training possible – to train whenever, wherever without the need for extensive logistics and material. The founders believed that if VSTEP succeeded in developing such software, the training world would become a safer place – through vastly improved training methods.

That objective was accomplished and VSTEP is now a premier developer of two core product lines: NAUTIS (Marine Training Simulators) and RescueSim (Incident Command Simulator).

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