About Us

Our Team

In a fast changing industry each simulator project is different and every simulator is a key investment to improve skill and safety throughout your organisation. During the entire process, from purchase to delivery and after sales, it is crucial that the customer’s demands are met and translated into a flawless simulator solution.

To make this happen, we rely on our most important asset: our VSTEP employees.

A team of experienced and highly qualified software developers, project managers, designers, testers, support staff, engineers, industry experts and master mariners allows us to accurately create a simulator solution tailored to your specific training requirements and discuss any ideas you have with the proper knowledge. With well over ten years of experience as a simulator developer, VSTEP understands its customers’ needs and the way to realise them.

Experienced Management

Our management team consists of industry experts with a proven track record. They are committed to enhance and improve the training and safety for professionals worldwide through the very best in simulation technology at competitive costs.

Master Mariners

Our in-house master mariners are experts coming from a career in seafaring and with command experience on a wide range of vessel types and in all waters (inland, coastal and oceans). They apply their knowledge to guarantee our maritime simulators are an accurate representation of the real environment.  Our master mariners assist customers with finding the ideal simulator solution for their specific training requirements and are able to answer any questions from a hands-on perspective.

Hydrodynamics Engineers

The Hydrodynamics engineers at VSTEP perform hydrodynamic analysis, tests and engineering activities for the vessels in our maritime simulators. They have a knowledge of the latest maritime industry developments and consult with our simulation engineers for specific vessel design queries and calculations.

Incident Command Professionals

For our Incident Command Simulators we partner with professional emergency services and leading industry clients to create a true to life experience that realistically simulates the entire decision making process for first responders during specific incidents.