About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The vision of the founders became the roadmap for our business and it guides us towards accomplishing our goals and objectives.

Our vision is to be a leading global provider of innovative training simulators that enhance our customers’ overall training effectiveness and safety. Through continuous research and development, we are able to develop more advanced simulators, which reduce costs for our customers and increase the efficiency of virtual training. We want our customers to continuously benefit from these innovations and in the long term benefit from large cost savings, better trained personnel, and, first and foremost, optimal safety during training.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create innovative, high quality training simulators that exceed the demanding global standards and allow our customers to derive maximum value from their training investment. Our objective is to do business with the highest ethical standards, to be an excellent employer, to deal with our suppliers/sub-contractors fairly and with integrity and to be transparent in whatever we do.

At VSTEP, we strive to provide our customers with tools that enable them to teach their trainees in the best possible ways the skills to safely navigate a vessel, to safely and effectively respond to an emergency situation and to enable our customers to provide such training against the lowest possible costs. These tools are simulators, in various forms and shapes, with one common denominator, state-of-the-art technology. We aim to continuously develop this technology to standards exceeding those of Regulatory Authorities and to meet our customer’s expectations.

Our Brand Values

Our brand values serve as the framework underpinning VSTEP’s overall strategy.

Quality – Exceed customer expectations at every point of our service delivery, including superior product quality, excellent services and efficient support.

We respect, accommodate, adhere to our customers’ wishes and strive to provide our customers with a second-to-none service and to protect our customer’s interests at all times.

Innovation – Continuously push the boundaries of innovation to improve the effectiveness and economic value of our simulators.

Our goal is to develop simulators that require the minimum amount of hardware and to ascertain that the use of our simulators is environmental friendly, consuming the lowest possible amount of energy through applying advanced software.

Value – Develop training simulators for any size of budget to help our customers maximise the value they generate from our products.

We strive to make our simulators available to our customers against the lowest possible costs.

Ease of Use – Develop products that are easy to install, operate and require low maintenance.