VSTEP develops 3D simulation software for the maritime industry, NAUTIS, as well as for safety services such as police and fire-fighters, Response Simulator. We have developed our own platform for this based on Unigine 2 Sim and Algoryx. This platform is made in C++ and C#. Are you interested in 3D simulation, graphics, serious games, artificial intelligence and virtual reality? Then we are looking for you! We have various graduation assignments available and we can also create new assignments.


Hydrodynamic effects

Investigate and implement effects such as breaking waves, splashing water and ship wakes. Research can be based on the current water model or our future Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics-based model.

Localized weather simulation

For NAUTIS we are using large scale environments of up to 800 x 800km. On this scale, the weather is not the same everywhere. This assignment focusses on the realistic transition of weather fronts and all the effects weather has on the ship’s behaviour and instruments.

Dynamic damage for 3D models

In RS when simulating accidents or disasters, things may need to appear ‘broken’. A car crash can happen in so many ways. It may be essential for the emergency workers to assess what help is needed based on how a crashed car looks, yet creating crashed versions of every object would be a lot of 3d modelling work. This assignment asks you to create a system which can on-the-fly create a damaged 3d model of an object or building.

Automatically generated 3D environments

For both RS and NAUTIS we create many high-quality 3D environments. We use our own Port Creation Tool for this which can help us more quickly create a 3D environment based on nautical charts. Still, it requires a lot of additional work to get the environment populated and meet our high-quality standard. Parts of this additional work could however be automated!

AI ‘crowd’ vehicles

Our current AI is focused a lot on people walking around. The same technology can be adapted to allow cars to drive on roads. For cars there are however more rules (switching lanes, roundabouts, overtaking, speed limits, priority to the right and so on). Can you extend the AI system so it also works for vehicles?

Sea trials

When a real ship is built, the ships manoeuvring characteristics are tested and logged. In our simulator we can do a similar thing, after we have modelled and configured a vessel, we let it do a simulated sea trial. Ideally the result should be the same as the real sea trial, but often some parameters will have to be changed. The goal is to create a system that can automatically change some configurations and redo the trial, measure the difference with the real trial, update parameters and try again until the ship behaves nearly identical. Use AI and Big Data!


VR is growing and getting more suitable for professional environments.  Investigate how VR should be integrated in our current products. How to handle virtual equipment? Picking up items? Interaction? How to move across a ship that is bigger than the VR room? How to walk on stairs? How to operate physical ship controls when wearing a VR headset? All these questions will require prototyping and testing with users.


  • An HBO or University student studying Computer Science or comparable.
  • Specialization in 3D, gaming and/or graphics is a plus (and required for some of the mentioned assignments).
  • Experienced with C++ or comparable.
  • Interested in 3D simulation software.
  • Motivated, eager to learn, independent and a team player.

Our offer

  • A professional, informal work environment, in the middle of Rotterdam – our HQ is located right across the Central Station.
  • A challenging graduation assignment, working with top of the line technology, building software for Class A simulators with an experienced team.
  • You can choose your own working hours between 07:00 and 19:00.
  • You will be part of one of our scrum teams.
  • You will get EUR 400,- per month.
  • Career opportunities after graduation.


Do not hesitate to contact our HR department if you have any questions via +31 (0) 10 201 4520.

Apply for this job?

When you are ready to apply please send your cover letter, resume and portfolio to our HR department via vacancy@vstepsimulation.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note that we will store your personal information on our server for the maximum of four weeks after ending the application process. If you desire we can delete your information before that time. The request can be sent to vacancy@vstepsimulation.com.


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