Amsterdam Airport Schiphol invests in further operations with VSTEP

Rotterdam, 21 February 2019 – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has confirmed an extension of their contract with VSTEP for use of Response Simulator. The aviation module within the RS system will assist Schiphol to maintain high training standards within airport grounds and increase safety awareness.

The aviation module within the RS system includes a wide variety of objects for incidents in airport environments. Training can be done in generic environments such as an airport terminal, a residential plane crash area and a universal area. It is also possible to create and integrate specific airports into the simulator, which will allow Schiphol to train in a 3D replica of their airport grounds. An unlimited amount of scenarios, with added focus on incidents taking place in and around airports, can be created.

“We are very excited to continue to work closely with Schiphol. Our relationship with one of Europe’s largest airports goes back to 2012, during which time the RS collaboration with the airport’s fire brigade won the prestigious ‘ICT project of the year in business’ award. We have now added many improvements to the pipeline, which will enable Schiphol to further enhance their training capabilities. We look forward to developing further refinements and improvements for Schiphol in the future,” commented Ben Borrie, Product Manager of RS.

With global passenger numbers expected to reach 7.8 billion passengers in 2036 according to the IATA, the need for increased safety measures is becoming more apparent. While passenger numbers grow, airport capacity will not increase at the same rate, which raises serious safety concerns. “The RS system allows for training in a safe and cost-effective virtual environment, which is a perfect solution for bolstering airport safety to accommodate increasing travelers. Schiphol is an innovator in market and the use of VSTEP’s RS system truly emphasizes this. More airports across the world are becoming interested in the possibilities that virtual training offers their safety teams. This is a demand we can meet with our cutting-edge, innovative RS system,” emphasizes Tije Vos, Sales Manager of RS.

Collaborative efforts with the airport have already led to the development of new features and capabilities in RS. These efforts enhanced the system and supported their decision to continue with VSTEP. With the forthcoming release of Response Simulator, we see virtual training becoming valuable to a much broader range of departments within the aviation sector.


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