Incident Command

RS Aviation System

RS is a simulation platform that allows incident command training in an immersive 3D virtual environment. A realistic, safe and cost effective enhancement of live practical training for safety and security professionals.

Users experience the incident or crisis situation in the RS Incident Command Simulator, assess it and then determine their response strategy. They implement their response strategy and observe the consequences of their decisions in real-time in the simulator. The effectiveness of their decisions is then considered and discussed during post incident debriefing.

RS - Incident Command Simulator

Key Benefits of RS:

  • Complete control and flexibility for instructors
  • Create and train in any possible incident scenario
  • Single and multi-user training
  • Reduced training costs
  • Improved operational awareness
  • Customised 3D models of your installation and equipment possible

Aviation Incidents

This system includes a wide variety of objects for incidents in airport environments. Unlimited scenarios with added focus on incidents taking place in and around airports can be created, including:

  • Airplane Crashes
  • Onboard Incidents and Security Risks
  • Airport Vehicle Collisions
  • Airside and Landside Fires
  • Liquid Releases and Spillages
  • Evacuations
  • Runway Collisions
  • Security Threats and Fuel Service Incidents

RS Aviation System Classroom Training

Detailed Generic Environments - Aviation system

Creation and integration of your specific airport for use in the simulator is also possible. The RS Aviation System includes the following generic environments:

  • Airport Terminal
  • Residential Plane Crash Area
  • Universal Area

3D Objects and Equipment

The RS Aviation System consists of an extensive library of standard objects, units and equipment, including:

  • 52 Aircraft Types
  • 6 Helicopter Types
  • 36 Functional Airport Vehicles
  • Crash/Foam Tenders
  • Specific Airport Related Fire Fighting Equipment

Advanced Functionalities

  • Take-off, Landing, Taxiing
  • Location-based Sound

For Whom?

  • Airport Fire Departments/ARFF
  • Airport Authorities
  • Municipal Fire Departments
  • Airport Safety/Security Staff