Maritime Simulator

Inland Simulator

NAUTIS is developed using the latest technological advances. The software at the heart of each NAUTIS simulator is optimised to deliver a realistic, true to life simulator experience.

NAUTIS - Maritime Simulation Solution

NAUTIS has been designed on the following principles:

  • Efficient – train large numbers of trainees simultaneously
  • Affordable – accessible for any size of budget
  • Flexible – easily adaptable to specific training needs
  • Quality – highest level of graphical detail and realism
  • Compatible – standard interface to connect to external equipment
  • Ease of use – user-friendly set of instructor tools


The NAUTIS Inland Simulators allow for a wide range of training options for inland vessel manoeuvring, handling and navigation. The simulators include an easy to use set of instructor tools to prepare and control manoeuvring exercises, inland operations and ship manoeuvring parameters. The simulator provides a compact yet natural look and feel for realistic inland training.

VSTEP offers integrated simulator solutions combining the NAUTIS Inland Simulator software with different hardware configurations, to suit your budget in accordance with your training and certification requirements.

Inland Simulator Configurations

  • Desktop Inland Simulator
  • Console Inland Simulator
  • Full Mission Inland Simulator

The NAUTIS  Full Mission Inland Simulator has been developed based on the requirements of the CCNR (Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine). The simulator is the advanced solution for realistic virtual training on board of an actual inland ship bridge replica.

NAUTIS Full Mission Inland Simulator

The Desktop and Console configurations are scaled down versions. They use the same vessel dynamics, outside view software and include the most important navigation displays, a type approved river radar and Inland ECDIS.

The ship controls for Desktop and Console setups are delivered in a metal box, which fits into the console, for easy installation and exchange for alternative propulsion types. The default controls are for a dual conventional propulsion with reversible gearbox and a 360-degrees bow-thruster.