Wildfire takes place in France every year, destroying hundreds of thousands of hectares of vegetation and threatening the lives and possessions of many citizens and communities. Recognising the societal problems of wildfireCorsica Simulazione (CS) has cooperated with VSTEP Simulation to conduct a feasibility research. The project aims to explore the use of Response Simulator Wildfire in helping French firefighters enhance their response efficiency to wildfire and whether RS Wildfire can provide a commercially viable offer for CS and their clients. 

RS Wildfire

Impression of RS Wildfire

With the help of TechForce Innovation, Response Simulator has been granted a subsidy by the Dutch government for this research on virtual wildfire training. This subsidy will help guide our development of the most advanced virtual wildfire training platform in the market while tailoring to the training needs of firefighters in Corsica and FranceCS will also be provided with the needed insights to make an investment decision on RSWith this subsidy, we are excited to accelerate towards our aim of providing a platform that will improve response to wildfires and keep people safe! 


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