VSTEP launches new website

After more than a year of development, VSTEP is proud to announce the official release of its new website, which aims at improving visitor correspondence through a complete visual overhaul as well as the addition of several new functions.


Rotterdam, 18 October 2017 – This year has been a fruitful one for VSTEP. The official release of the third generation of NAUTIS, as well as the winning of several contracts of unprecedented size and potential, has the company looking at a promising fourth quarter and an auspicious 2018.

The new website is in line with the overall vision of VSTEP that our customers’ needs define our direction. Henk van den Berg, co-founder and Managing Director of VSTEP: “Our customers are key for our developments and our philosophy is to be as customer-oriented as possible. The new website is just one of the improvements. Huge compliments to our team and website builder SLIK for the renewed front door of VSTEP!

Intercom, the acclaimed customer messaging platform, serves as a fundamental new feature on the website. By clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the web pages, visitors of the website can initiate a conversation with one of our sales representatives, who will provide any and all necessary assistance in a matter of minutes, within conventional working hours. For existing customers, the Support page provides access to the expertise of our technicians and nautical specialists.

Capt. Floris van Gessel, Product Manager for NAUTIS, commented: “Our new website is in line with the VSTEP vision of efficiency by keeping short lines with customers and flexibly adapting to customer specific requirements according the highest quality and performance standards.”

Other features include the call-back function which was added to the Contact page, which further stimulates swift communication. In addition to the Intercom channel, inquiries can now be made by inserting your phone number in the call-back field, after which one of our sales representatives will promptly call you back.

The firm is confident that the new website will serve to improve visitor satisfaction, whether they are an existing client, a potential client, or simply a curious individual looking to learn more about VSTEP and its products.