Rotterdam, 17 January 2019 – Arcadis, one of VSTEP’s long-standing clients, has signed to receive an upgrade of their NAUTIS system and further expand their partnership with VSTEP. This upgrade will allow Arcadis to make use of the advanced visualizations within the NAUTIS system in order to enrich their port studies.

Port of Calais

Arcadis initially purchased NAUTIS due to their participation in a major extension project launched in the Port of Calais. With an average of 10 million passengers crossing through the port annually, the Port of Calais in France is one of the busiest passenger ports in Europe. NAUTIS is a perfect solution to projects such as this, which seek to add capacity to ports in order to meet the growing demands of shipping companies. Maritime simulators can provide thorough insights and expand the knowledge of safe ship handling. This data can then be implemented to optimize layouts and increase the efficiency of harbour designs.

The port studies are executed with the Arcadis SHIP-Navigator, the company’s real-time manoeuvring simulator. Arcadis uses the SHIP-Navigator in combination with a NAUTIS simulator in order to provide the 3D outside view of the Port of Calais. The upgraded NAUTIS Visualizer will allow the company to benefit from enhanced visual graphics. This will enable the projection of even more realistic environments and thus the collection of in-depth information. Arcadis will utilize the Visualizer to double the port’s current size, which is expected to enter service between 2020 and 2025.

The new NAUTIS Visualizer offers advanced graphics that can be easily integrated with other simulators and used to efficiently tackle complicated issues, such as port expansion. Both simulation and real-time data can be used as an input to provide a 3D outside view for further visualization. The new feature highlights VSTEP’s push for modularity. “Our simulation systems are built with a focus on being modular platforms that can adapt to the specific needs of our customers,” mentions Floris van Gessel, Product Manager of NAUTIS. “This allows further integration and subsequently provides our customers with even more value due to the flexible usage of the system.”

“The NAUTIS team is happy to continue our cooperation with Arcadis and deliver an upgrade that seeks to enrich their experience with improved functionalities and visualisation. The use of NAUTIS in such a significant port expansion project highlights the capabilities of the software. Arcadis will definitely benefit from what the Visualizer has to offer,” says Fabian van den Berg, Commercial Director at VSTEP.


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