Rotterdam,  08 November 2021 – From now on ROC Friese Poort’s students are able to take their radar exams on NAUTIS inland navigation simulators.

What is CBR?  

CBR is a government organization in The Netherlands that takes exams allowing to work as a skipper and sailor on cruise or inland ships.  

What Does the CBR Process Entail? 

ROC Friese Poort owns NAUTIS simulators only, that’s why we are extremely proud that CBR granted approval for taking radar exams on our inland navigation simulators.  

CBR approval process was thorough and split into two parts: software and hardware. For software, CBR specialists came to check (among others) if  

  • the images are high-resolution, 
  • the ship model is correct,  
  • it steers well,  
  • there is an emergency pilot,  
  • scenarios work according to the guidelines, 
  • there are diverse environments. 

For hardware, CBR specialists were mostly interested in the robustness and steadiness of the simulator.  

In the end, approval was granted until 2024. 

Next Steps? 

ROC Friese Poort is looking to get approval for navigation exams on a NAUTIS simulator. The expected timeline for it is January 2022.

Simulation is becoming more and more important in education. In The Netherlands, standards of education are extremely high thanks to NAUTIS simulators, teachers and trainers. We are happy to share our experience with others so the overall education standards in the industry will raise too.”  

– Alfred Dijkstra, Teacher Inland Navigation and Simulation 

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