Rotterdam, 8 March 2019 – VSTEP is pleased to announce the upcoming delivery of NAUTIS Full Mission inland simulator to CEFA de l’école Polytechnique de Huy (Belgium). The CESNI compliant simulator will enable virtual training on their premises and will ensure that students can practise in an efficient and risk-free manner.

NAUTIS Inland setup render

CEFA de l’école Polytechnique de Huy has signed a contract with VSTEP last month and will soon receive a NAUTIS Full Mission Inland Simulator. The school specialises in inland shipping and is situated in Belgium along the Meuse (Maas) river. CEFA Huy has a unique training routine for their students – instead of using designated classrooms ashore, training will take place onboard two inland vessels. This distinctive set up enables students to expand their vessel handling experience and already get accustomed to their future workstation.

The simulator will be installed on board of the vessel in a space dedicated to classroom training. The set up will allow students to practice their skills and further their knowledge of inland vessel manoeuvring, handling, navigation and communication. The inland simulator is a safe, efficient, cost-effective and realistic method of inland vessel training. It includes an easy to use set of instructor tools to prepare and control manoeuvring exercises, inland operations and ship manoeuvring parameters.

Before students take to the waters, they must demonstrate enough expertise to receive a certification. Last November CESNI (European Committee for the Development of Standards in the Inland Navigation Domain) adopted standards for technical and functional requirements applicable to inland navigation and radar simulators. These standards for inland navigation simulators should be implemented by 2020 in EU. VSTEP’s inland simulators are already fully compliant with CESNI standards, which demonstrates the strength of the system’s capabilities.

“This deal with CEFA Huy shows that NAUTIS simulators facilitate training in compliance with the latest official standards. The solution will help ensure operational preparedness of the students as well as allow them to practice in a realistic virtual environment. We are happy that our simulator will be of great value to CEFA’s education. I’m looking forward to being of the development of the next generation of inland skippers for the European canals and rivers.” – Ties Klapwijk, Sales manager Nautis.


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