Rotterdam, 07-11-2022 – In August 2022, with an intention to enhance training scope and capabilities, Wasserschutzpolizei-Schule purchased NAUTIS simulators from VSTEP. VSTEP is committed to enabling learning by simulation for every future water police officer in Germany. 

Wasserschutzpolizei-Schule, located in Hamburg, and VSTEP collaborated to allow for simulation training of water police officers in Germany. Consequently, Wasserschutzpolizei-Schule has purchased two instructor stations, three NAUTIS CESNI Vessel Handling trainee stations and one debriefing classroom from VSTEP. 

Note: This image is for demonstration purposes only. The real set-up might differ from this image. 

The VSTEP Simulation solutions are highly customizable so we can easily adjust the set-up or add tailored content to fulfill the customer’s wishes.  

As for the set-up, the school will mostly use inland environments. However, they also want to train in the North and Baltic Sea. For this, we are going to add an extra seagoing RADAR/ARPA and ECDIS. Our partner for this project, Innovative Navigation GmbH, will make sure the Police is served to the best of our abilities. They will also take care of the RADAR and ECDIS part. 

In terms of content, this client runs various training classes on a fleet that contains a large amount of different vessels. Hence, they require us to produce a lot of tailored content. For example, they have nine unique ship models. Our Content Team has extensive experience in adapting to customers’ needs and producing content based on rigid clients’ specifications. Therefore, we are well prepared to create the requested ship models for Wasserschutzpolizei-Schule.

We are especially proud that every future water police officer in Germany will be trained on our NAUTIS simulator. Wasserschutzpolizei-Schule is the only water police school in Germany. They are opening a new building in Hamburg in February 2023 where our simulators will be placed. As of October, the school is designing the building based on NAUTIS requirements. We plan to have our simulators installed by the end of March 2023. 

This is the feedback the customer has shared with us so far: 

We appreciate the level of collaboration VSTEP has shown us up until now. VSTEP together with their partner, Innovative Navigation GmbH, won the tender as they prepared a comprehensive proposal. This led us to believe that technically they can offer us the most advanced solution and meet all our requirements. 


VSTEP creates innovative simulation software for professional organizations worldwide. We are a team of 60 explorers who are always up for challenges. We are not constrained by standards and are flexible in our approach to fulfilling the mission: enable learning by simulation.

We are all dedicated to the same vision: ensure that at least one-third of the maritime industry has obtained their skills through our simulation technology. Hence, we strive to make a great contribution to creating a more sustainable world. We invest in continuous R&D of our software and work passionately as a team to get there.

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