Rotterdam, 12-12-2022 – In April 2022, committed to creating a virtual e-learning platform and seafarer training center in the Panama Republic, PANAMEL purchased our NAUTIS simulators. VSTEP will help PANAMEL to maintain their leadership position as an innovative education provider and expand internationally with the commitment of articulating the theoretical and practical component according to the STCW Convention. 

The Seafarers Training Center Panama Maritime E-Learning (PANAMEL) is located in Panama City. It focusses on developing training for seafarers and prepares them for their duties complying with the criteria and objectives of the competences of the STCW Convention. 

Value of a New Training Center 

PAMEL has purchased NAUTIS Class B and NAUTIS desktop tug simulators to set up a new training center in Panama. Our customer’s main goal is to expand internationally, see more of seafarers that come from Panama in the first leadership registry and educate seafarer students according to the IMO´s standards. With NAUTIS simulators, they hope to attain this goal, enhance their learning capabilities and strengthen their position in the market.  

It’s been our pleasure collaborating with VSTEP so far. It immediately stood out to us that NAUTIS simulators are made for learning, which is well in line with our main goal of bringing this new training center to the market. Up until now, we think that we have made the right decision selecting VSTEP as our partner for this project.”

– Capt. Leonardo García, Quality Manager at PANAMEL

VSTEP Ambitions 

Opening a new training center with NAUTIS simulators is particularly valuable as it’s the first investment in new simulators since the last installation in 2015. The newly build center is funded by a local investor. It further proves that there is a lot of potential in simulation technology and NAUTIS in particular. 

Other companies in Panama, such as Maritime Seafarer and MSTC, have acknowledged this as well. They already have NAUTIS simulators. This opens business to VSTEP towards defense organizations and public schools in Panama. On top of this, we are in discussions with public organizations to start installing our simulators. 

If you want to discuss your business case, let’s have a chat.

An example of a NAUTIS Class B simulator we installed for another customer: 

Here are some renders of the upcoming installation in Panama. Please note that the project delivery might differ from the images displayed below.


VSTEP creates innovative simulation software for professional organizations worldwide. We are a team of 60 explorers who are always up for challenges. We are not constrained by standards and are flexible in our approach to fulfilling the mission: enable learning by simulation.

We are all dedicated to the same vision: ensure that at least one-third of the maritime industry has obtained their skills through our simulation technology. Hence, we strive to make a great contribution to creating a more sustainable world. We invest in continuous R&D of our software and work passionately as a team to get there.

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