Rotterdam, 31 August 2021 – Nova College Maritime signs a new deal with VSTEP to get the most advanced NAUTIS Inland Simulators in their training location in IJmuiden. VSTEP is going to replace their current setup with state-of-the-art NAUTIS technology. 

Meet Nova College IJmuiden 

Nova College Maritime IJmuiden is a well-recognized training centre in The Netherlands. The school offers maritime education for both deep sea shipping and inland navigation. Vocational programmes and commercial courses are offered at the locations Harlingen and Ijmuiden. Nova College prides themselves on equipping their marine students with modern equipment, such as advanced computers, communication devices and now NAUTIS Inland simulators. This installation ensures that Nova College is compliant with the latest European Inland Shipping guidelines set by CESNI. 

Is VSTEP Adding Value?  

Every year hundreds of students at Nova College undergo intensive theoretical and practical courses. Virtual training is a perfect way to bridge that gap and prepare students for real-life situations. VSTEP is always striving to maintain the high quality of its products. Thus, Nova College students will train on the new NAUTIS Inland Simulators with highly realistic hydrodynamics and visuals which will make training more immersive and interactive.  

We are providing Nova College with four CESNI compliant NAUTIS Inland simulators with a minimum of 210 degrees outside view, two instructor stations and briefing and debriefing software. We are proud to say that due to our innovative approach, we enable schools like Nova College to train their students on vessel-and radar-handling safely. Learning techniques and skills on the NAUTIS Simulator can make a difference for the future careers of Nova College students and help them in the development of their professional skills.  

At VSTEP, we strive to benefiting every single customer we serve. Gaining one of the most reputable schools in the Dutch market as a customer is proof for us that we are indeed contributing to our customers’ educational courses by providing them with our cost-effective solution.  

Program Manager, Patrick M. Randel, explains what influences their choice of choosing VSTEP:  

“The training simulators of VSTEP enable us to train-to-reality. With challenging scenarios, the students are put to the test. Multiple sailing areas and specialised ship models guarantee variation as well as specialisation. Thus, stimulating the sailing competencies, both for our students as for the sailing professionals. The set-up of VSTEP has excellent de-briefing functionality, essential for effective training.” 

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at VSTEP: with the NAUTIS extensive 5-year service level agreement, VSTEP employees will help maintain the quality of the simulation park. Our competent engineers will pay visits yearly to make sure that simulators run smoothly. On top of that, they will conduct training for instructors. As a result, the instructors will be able to fully grasp the available functionalities to get the most out of the learning opportunities NAUTIS Simulators offer.  

Nova College realizes the need to prepare students for real-life situations in a safe, environmentally friendly and economical wayIt is strongly aligned with our vision – learning by simulation. So, we are proud to be able to contribute to enhancing maritime education in The Netherlands by providing Nova College with our NAUTIS Simulators.”  

  Kimberly Stolk, Business Developer at VSTEP  

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VSTEP’s Commitment

NAUTIS simulators are one of the most advanced maritime simulators available in the market and VSTEP team is always committed to developing the most efficient, innovative and user-friendly maritime simulators, which are not only compliant to industry standards but can also be adapted to comply with local rules and regulations.


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