Rotterdam, 2002-2023 – In September 2022, Latincomp has chosen VSTEP as their partner to supply software for training professionals in the Paraguay and Alto Paraná rivers. The customer highlighted the collaborative approach of VSTEP and high degree of flexibility. VSTEP’s consultancy and expertise in the maritime domain helped come up with the most feasible solution.  

Company Profile

Latincomp is the leading company in hydrography and naval electronics based in Asunción, Paraguay. They have been implementing innovative technology to meet the challenges of inland navigation in the Paraná-Paraguay waterway. VSTEP is ready for the next business step in becoming a market leader in training solutions in Latincomp’s home market. 

Overview of the Agreement

VSTEP is very flexible and advises clients in their best interest. For Latincomp, it was more economical to source the hardware from a local supplier and obtain only NAUTIS software from VSTEP. 

Therefore, Latincomp purchased NAUTIS software of 4x Pro Desktop simulators and one Instructor Station. The customer has also requested custom content including ship models and other features to meet the specifics of this market. VSTEP is excited to get started! 

Note: The actual set-up might differ from the image.

Collaboration with Latincomp 

As a business, it’s important for us to build solid and stable relationships that are based on collaboration. We are proud that our customers can rely on our expertise and consultancy. We, in turn, get a high degree of satisfaction if we know that our customer is happy and content with the advised solution. 

Ritchie van der Ziel, Business Developer at VSTEP 

Andres Gibson, Project Manager at Latincomp, shares:  

“We are very happy with how flexible VSTEP is. We were looking for a partner, not just a transaction or a company that would sell us a software or hardware. For us, it was essential to collaborate and arrive at the solution together. We appreciate the consultancy and knowledge of VSTEP that enables us to continue evolving our educational offerings.” 

VSTEP visited Latincomp for the Navegistic boat show in November 2022.

On top of that, VSTEP believes that truthfulness is the foundation of any successful partnership, and that’s why VSTEP makes it a priority to always be upfront and honest with our customers. In the case of Latincomp, them being a local ECDIS supplier means that it is not viable to include ECDIS in VSTEP’s offering.  

Taking the customer’s budget and needs into account, VSTEP offered them a flexible model when it comes to using NAUTIS simulator. The VSTEP’s goal is to make sure that their customers are satisfied with the product; and that it helps them attain the most important objective: enable quality education for their students.  

VSTEP can collaborate with you too and help you come up with a solution that fits your needs.


VSTEP creates innovative simulation software for professional organizations worldwide. We are a team of 60 explorers who are always up for challenges. We are not constrained by standards and are flexible in our approach to fulfilling the mission: enable learning by simulation.

We are all dedicated to the same vision: ensure that at least one-third of the maritime industry has obtained their skills through our simulation technology. Hence, we strive to make a great contribution to creating a more sustainable world. We invest in continuous R&D of our software and work passionately as a team to get there.

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