Rotterdam, 12 February 2019 VSTEP, in partnership with RH Marine, is set to deliver a class-room of NAUTIS simulators to the Royal Netherlands Navy. This will allow the next generation of Dutch seafarers to enhance their ship handling skills and prepare for their future workstations.  

NAUTIS Maritime simulator classroom set up

The Royal Netherlands Navy, the oldest of the 4 services of the Netherlands armed forces, has always strived to be on top of their training procedures and tactical capabilities. In line with their extensive training measures, VSTEP will deliver new simulators enabling training to be done in classroom setups. This delivery will be completed together with RH Marine, a Dutch-based company offering integrated electrical and automation systems to defense, safety and security ships within the maritime industry.

In this joint project the desktop simulators will be delivered to the Royal Netherlands Navy’s training centre in Den Helder. The simulators will use NAUTIS software together with integrated interface to the (W)ECDIS of both OSI and RH Marine. This set up will allow groups of trainees to practice their navigation skills in highly detailed simulated environments. To enable even further realistic training, custom environments will be developed for the trainees to practise with.

Traditionally, maritime training involves a combination of shore-based and real-life training. However this approach is shifting due to economic and operational reasons and high quality, shore-based simulation training is becoming more accessible. Technologically advanced simulators have become invaluable training tool to provide a unique and comprehensive shore-based training experience. This training can be conducted in an efficient, flexible and cost-effective manner with high-fidelity NAUTIS simulators. A great example of an integrated simulation solution that VSTEP develops is a joint project with CAE for the delivery of simulators to the UAE Naval Training Centre.

The need for highly trained personnel will steadily increase as safety and security requirements continuously evolve. Many companies are jumping on board and acquiring custom training simulators to use on their premises or visiting external specialized training centres. “As a Dutch based company, we are proud to be a part of this project and deliver a solution that will definitely provide benefits to the sailors. VSTEP looks forward to complete this delivery and maintain as well as strengthen our partnership with the Royal Netherlands Navy and RH Marine,” says Fabian van den Berg, Commercial Director at VSTEP.


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