Rotterdam, 30 January 2020 – This week VSTEP released the Winter update of Response Simulator: software Version 1.3. With this release, we have introduced several new features and highly detailed content, which will allow RS users to further enrich their training programmes.

The new Winter edition of Response Simulator delivers many beneficial features and realistic content. The main focus of this update was on usability improvements. Following the constructive feedback have we received from our clients, our team managed to deliver changes that will improve the facilitation of complex trainings.

RS - Hidden effects

The release brings attention to the Sequence functionality, which is an essential part of building interactive and highly detailed scenarios. To begin with, the layout of the sequence editor feature was improved, enabling a better overview of main elements. This will make the building of detailed scenarios far easier. Another functionality – previewing actions in sequences – will allow RS users to have a quick preview of a sequence to make sure it reflects the desired scenario accurately. Also, the RS system now remembers sequences that have been played in the past and allows users to rewind to an earlier one. This feature can help to significantly reduce the workload of instructors when creating highly complex scenarios.

RS - Hospital buildingRS - Hospital room

We believe that detailed and highly realistic content makes Response Simulator stand out. This release continues this focus with several new objects such as a fictional hospital and fire station buildings (both including detailed interior), a high-rise building, a multi-story car park among others. With the new updates, the view of invisible effect objects has been improved to better illustrate their size without cluttering the view.

High-rise buildingHigh-rise building interior

To further expand the realism of scenarios users can now paint simple visual objects such as burnt areas to add extra details. Also, the special effects list now contains sounds that make training more immersive. Additionally, the RS software is expanding to support more languages; French and Dutch have been added to the system.

“In this release we put emphasis on improving usability, which is critical to clients who use the software regularly. Our team did a great job building new and improving features and functionalities and, of course, creating outstanding content. We look forward to our clients using the software and benefiting from this new release,” – says Ben Borrie, Product Manager RS.

The RS 1.3 release includes new features and functionalities that were not fully reviewed in this article. However, if you would like to learn more about this particular release or get a product demonstration, let us know and we will get in touch with you.


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