Behind the Sim Elisa 2

In this month’s edition of Behind the Sim, Elisa Romero provides a look into her role as a Project Engineer of NAUTIS at VSTEP. We will explore the challenges she faces when first assuming her role as a Project Engineer as well as her thoughts on working with world-class maritime simulators.

Elisa moved to the Netherlands after she finished her Civil Engineering studies in Barcelona, Spain. After spending five years working for an offshore company as a Marine Engineer, she learned how powerful a simulator can be as a learning and assessing tool. This led to her later joining VSTEP in March 2019 as a Project Engineer for NAUTIS.

Can you provide a glimpse of your tasks at VSTEP?

“Due to my marine engineering background, I am currently working on NAUTIS related projects. I really enjoy the openness and flexibility of my position. As a Project Engineer, I am responsible for coordinating the required development for a new project by listening to clients and understanding their needs. I also help our Support team after the installation of large or less-standard projects.”

“Additionally, I give my input in how to improve the hydrodynamic quality of NAUTIS to achieve a point in the future in which clients can use NAUTIS as an engineering tool. My tasks also include smaller duties such as preparing client visits during which we demonstrate the capabilities of NAUTIS at our HQ in Rotterdam.”

Could you introduce one of the projects you are currently working on?

“At the moment, I am working with Chevron on an interesting project for the oil industry. This project implements several new developments, like the integration with hydrodynamics provided by Marin, the new Nix ocean and Algoryx lines. Together, they help provide high-quality training to Chevron’s global fleet at their facilities in Glasgow, Scotland. Their expectations are set very high; therefore, we do feel the challenge and responsibility to provide them with a great product.”

NAUTIS Maritime Simulator Port of Rotterdam

What do you find the most challenging about your tasks? 

“NAUTIS is a very extensive and technical product, which improves daily through or development work. For my job, I must have clear knowledge about NAUTIS; for example, what can and cannot be simulated through the software. Learning all the settings, features and possibilities can be a bit overwhelming when you start working at VSTEP. It can make you question whether you will ever catch up. However, everyone here is open for any questions you might have and are always willing to help. This makes my job much easier.”

What do you find the most enjoyable working in VSTEP? 

The working atmosphere at VSTEP is very enjoyable and the flexibility that is offered to employees is an example to follow. Besides this, despite that VSTEP is already well established, there is still very much a start-up mentality whereby everyone is open to new ideas and feedback. The dynamic culture and flat structure of the company helps everyone believe that everything is possible. And this is precisely what I like the most: belonging to a team and operating in a work environment in which everyone is free to voice their opinion.”  


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