The English Channel, also called simply the Channel, is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Southern England from northern France and links to the southern part of the North Sea by the Strait of Dover at its northeastern end. It is the busiest shipping area in the world.

It is about 350 statute miles (560 kilometres; 300 nautical miles) long and varies in width from 150 mi (130 nmi; 240 km) at its widest to 21 mi (18 nmi; 34 km) in the Strait of Dover. It is the smallest of the shallow seas around the continental shelf of Europe, covering an area of some 29,000 square miles (22,000 square nautical miles; 75,000 square kilometres).


Item Value
Environment Name English Channel
Content Name EnglishChannel
Country UK & France
Continent Europe
Chart Cells Used FR473230, FR474240, FR572580, GB400323, GB401828, GB401892, GB50282B
Chart Version Week 41 – 2016
Geo-Center LAT 51.044013 N
Geo-Center LON 1.548968 E
Northern Limit (TOP) 51.4474 N
Eastern Limit (RIGHT) 2.48388 E
Southern Limit (BOTTOM) 50.7113 N
Western Limit (LEFT) 0.847784 E