VSTEP is pleased to announce 360-Control’s upgrade of four new portable NAUTIS simulators. The purchase of software upgrades and modern portable solutions marks an important milestone in VSTEP’s excellent relationship with 360-Control. The new products will allow 360-Control to continue providing world class training options to stakeholders in the industry.


360-Control has recently signed for new software upgrades and hardware deliveries. This order includes four 180-degrees simulators, which can be utilized as two 360-degrees variants for portable usage. The light-weight, portable hardware is in line with 360-Control’s vision of training on location. VSTEP supports their vision that future tug and offshore training can take place on location, in addition to training centers. This will better serve clients and give them easier access to the simulators.

“We are very happy to sign with VSTEP once again. Our partnership spans several years now and we look forward to continuing our joint efforts in the future. 360-Control’s goal is to serve clients using a flexible and personal approach in order to provide the best tug and offshore simulation training possibilities. We strongly believe our services will benefit stakeholders in the maritime industry by providing cost-effective and high quality training to the next generation of seafarers,” says Janneke van Loo, 360-Control.

Simulation training provides trainees with an endless amount of scenarios to practice in. It holds a tremendous amount of value as an effective addition to real-life training. Instructors can effortlessly place trainees in different scenarios, thereby drastically cutting down training time. And above all, there are no risks in simulators. By combining VSTEP’s state-of-the-art maritime products and 360-Control’s in-house expertise, clients can rest assured that they are receiving the best value for their money.

“I am happy this deal with 360-Control took place, as it benefits all parties. Over the past several years the maritime industry has seen some spectacular innovations. Our two companies are on the forefront of new training innovations and we are proud that our products and services provide value to those in the industry. The future looks bright and this new deal strengthens our partnership with 360-Control further,” says Ties Klapwijk, account manager at VSTEP.


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