Rotterdam, 6 November 2019 – ALPHATRON Marine will soon receive four NAUTIS Desktop Simulator setups as well as a NAUTIS Instructor Station. These compact setups will help ALPHATRON better serve their clients through familiarization of their products. This way, users can achieve an even better understanding of ALPHATRON’s high-grade instruments.

NAUTIS Desktop Setup 4 Screens

The setups will include the Navigation content & functionality package within NAUTIS. This solution is perfect for goals such as basic familiarization, vessel handling, communications and type specific (ECDIS) training. The setups’ small form factor does not take away from its vast training capabilities. Combined with true-to-life vessels and environments, trainees are well-equipped to improve their skills in a safe, virtual environment. All in all, this will prove to be a great opportunity for ALPHATRON to make use of advanced maritime simulation.

ALPHATRON has a substantial history in the maritime world as a major maritime player within the Dutch market as well as abroad. Founded in the late 1980s, the company prides itself as a proven supplier of integrated bridge solutions, satisfying many areas of maritime operations. By offering the latest innovative products to the market, ALPHATRON can ensure their clients receive the high-quality products they need. This is apparent with their specialization in technological solutions and high-performance electronics for communication and navigation purposes.

Previously, VSTEP has collaborated with ALPHATRON and DAMEN Shipyards for the delivery of a Full Mission Bridge Setup for the Royal Bahamas Defense Force. ALPHATRON was key part of building the bridge, which was created to replicate the interior of the Defense Force’s actual vessels. A critical element of the delivery was to ensure a high degree of realism, which supports a more effective and immersive method of maritime training. The new NAUTIS Desktop setups further indicates their close alignment with these cutting-edge technological solutions.

“The new deal is a great step forward with ALPHATRON, not only will they be able to make use of the capabilities of NAUTIS, it is also good indication of our partnership. Our aligning goals of pushing the industry forward allows us to support each other, which in the end will benefit all users of our products. We hope to continue our collaborations and remain future-oriented, always with our clients’ needs in mind,” mentions Ties Klapwijk, Head of Business Development NAUTIS.


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