Rederij Doeksen (now Koninklijke Doeksen) is a Dutch shipping company that operates ferry services between Harlingen and the Wadden Islands of Vlieland and Terschelling. Founded in 1908, the corporation transports hundreds of people and vehicles to and from the islands every day.


Due to the nature of the business, robust seafaring training is compulsory for all the crew at Rederij DoeksenHence, the organization has partnered up with the well-reputed and experienced maritime training school – Maritieme Academie Harlingen (MAH) to provide the most advanced maritime training on NAUTIS Simulators.  

Our DNV-GL certified NAUTIS Simulators are world-class simulation training solutions that are used to train and examine students and employees all across the globe 

Rederij Doeksen signed a new deal to get customized software & hardware add-on for the NAUTIS Delta Bridge at MAH. The tailored contract includes integration of a healmseat with KWANT controls, a fast sea-going Radar, creation of customized vessels and environments.   

The add-ons will allow Rederij Doeksen to train their personnel on the most sophisticated systems available in the market today, which will enable their crew to ensure that all passengers and goods are transported safely. 

If you are interested to provide the most immersive, innovative, sustainable and user-focused training to your crew, contact our team today!  


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