Rotterdam, 10-10-2022 – In June 2022, to raise awareness of marine pollution and train the offshore and shoreline response to marine incidents, a European consortium led by Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. Germany made use of the maritime module in VSTEP’s Response Simulator. The consortium will be using it as the contractor of the European Commission at the discussion-based EU MODEX on Marine Pollution.

As a result of Johanniter and VSTEP’s collaboration, Johanniter purchased Response Simulator with maritime module from VSTEP for the exercise in February and March 2023. For this event, they will be using VR, showcasing how the environment will be affected by ship collisions and oil spills. Hence, the people in charge can be trained to make the right decisions to contain and combat it timely. 

VSTEP is proud to be a part of such a good cause. We strive to remain consistent with the United Nation’s SDG goals. ‘Climate Action’ is the one that speaks directly to our business. We are trying to reduce environmental impact and help build a safer world through our innovative simulator solutions. We are happy that our customers share the same point of view and use our simulators to visually demonstrate environmental impact. For example, Johanniter is planning to show at the discussion-based EU MODEX on Marine Pollution how oil spreads in the water and how marine life gets affected. 

Note: This is an example of the ship tailor made for the customer.

Another crucial component of this deal is related to emergency response on board of the ship and on the shoreline. What do emergency responders have to do if there is a collision? What do they do in case of any oil spill and which factors have an influence on a successful joint response? That’s what Johanniter and their partners from the offshore and shoreline responder community plan to emphasize and demonstrate at the event. For us, it’s especially valuable as our software is made for learning.  

As the event starts in February 2023, Johanniter hasn’t had the chance yet to use our software. However, they interacted with it prior to renting and shared some remarks with us: 

“The graphics we have seen so far look highly realistic. This will help us reach our objectives of demonstrating environmental damage to the audience and inspire the right actions. On the communication side, we appreciated quick response and flexible attitude. We didn’t feel like we got sold a ‘one-for-all’ solution. Instead, we got and continue getting highly customized treatment from the VSTEP Team’. 


VSTEP creates innovative simulation software for professional organizations worldwide. We are a team of 60 explorers who are always up for challenges. We are not constrained by standards and are flexible in our approach to fulfilling the mission: enable learning by simulation.

We are all dedicated to the same vision: ensure that at least one-third of the maritime industry has obtained their skills through our simulation technology. Hence, we strive to make a great contribution to creating a more sustainable world. We invest in continuous R&D of our software and work passionately as a team to get there.

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