Rotterdam, 11-06-2024 – Milaha, one of the largest and most diversified maritime and logistics companies in the Middle East, acquired the NAUTIS simulator to significantly enhance their crew’s ship-handling skills and ensure they are well-prepared for their upcoming duties.

The NAUTIS simulator, initially installed at Milaha in 2015, has undergone several upgrades to its TVs and control panels over the years. This advanced simulator significantly enhances the crew’s ship-handling skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for their upcoming duties. This commitment to team development and safe, reliable operations for their clients is a testament to Milaha’s dedication. Technically, the simulator allows for the creation of scenarios for various towing operations, including rig moves, berthing, unberthing, and offshore tanker assistance. It supports both azimuth and conventional drive vessels and includes an integrated dynamic positioning system.

“We are excited to partner with Milaha, providing them with our advanced NAUTIS simulator to elevate their training programs. Our cutting-edge simulation technology fosters a dynamic learning environment, allowing their crew to hone essential ship-handling skills and confidently tackle the demands of contemporary maritime operations.” 

Alexios Limnios, Business Development Team Lead | EMEA at VSTEP 


VSTEP is a leading developer of ship simulators and virtual training software company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They enable marine and safety professionals to learn and train by simulation in an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable way to work towards a safer world. With 20+ years of experience and a strong client base all over the world, VSTEP wants to enable learning by simulation on a large scale. They do this by offering a strong NAUTIS product portfolio covering the full learning and training cycle of a maritime professional. Visit the website for more information about VSTEP.

About Milaha

Milaha is one of the largest and most diversified maritime and logistics companies in the Middle East with a focus on providing integrated transport and supply chain solutions. Milaha currently has a fleet of 90 vessels of various types and a presence in over 100 different ports worldwide.