Rotterdam, 1 June 2021 – NAUTIS 3 Maritime Simulator users will soon receive an update to 3.7, the latest version of the simulation software. The update comes with new features, content, fixes, and refinements that enable our users to advance learning through the use of NAUTIS simulators. 

New ocean model ready for use 

New ocean

New VSTEP ocean model in 3.7 update

One of the highlights of this NAUTIS 3.7 release is the new ocean model. The waves models and water visuals of this ocean are developed completely in-house. Additionally, it is now possible to import and export wave fields and models to and from external sources.  The former ocean model will no longer be supported in NAUTIS. However, extensive testing and validation have been done to omit any changes in existing scenarios.
The new ocean model will enhance the visual and physical realism of the software, allowing NAUTIS users to practice true-to-life situations that may occur at sea even at a greater immersion.

The New Data Extraction Tool

Data Extraction tool

We have developed a data extraction tool that allows users to download ship dynamics data (CSV file) of a training exercise for postprocessing and debriefing.  The data can be later used for training validation, investigation or engineering purposes. Moreover, these data points can be used to create plots or charts for better visualization of the report.

New Assessment Tool

The Assessment tool* includes two parts for you to use as an instructor:

  • Visual logic editor: The visual logic editor allows the instructors to assess multiple trainee’s performance. The instructors are able to create a logic diagram combining multiple conditions to be met by either a specific ship or by any trainee ship. When those conditions are met, the Logic editor will trigger events. This gives instructors the opportunity to better monitor, evaluate and assess the scenario according to the standards of training.
  • Assessment tool: Events triggered are recorded by the assessment tool and displayed in the event timeline. With the new assessment tool, instructors can effectively evaluate the trainee’s performance.
Visual logic editor NAUTIS

Visual Logic Editor

Assessment Tool

New Assessment Tool

*This feature is not included in the standard NAUTIS 3.7 update, please contact our team to purchase a license to use this tool for debriefing your trainees or evaluate the performance of your students.

Improving Software Usability

The core visual engine of NAUTIS 3.7 has been updated to Unigine 2.13. The update to the latest standards of visual realism will ensure NAUTIS users that they are practicing true-to-life situations that may occur at sea.

Additionally, VSTEP has created new and improved panels to enhance the usability of the software. The new 3.7 release improves and cleans up the lights, conning and overhead panels to ensure users can work much more effectively.

Besides all the above features, the version contains various bug fixes and plenty of new content – such as small bunker vessel, pilot boat, inland, and new environments – Drachten, Ria de Vigo, Cadiz, Tarragona, Almeria. This will allow users a wider range of possibilities to create immersive maritime scenarios.

“The release of NAUTIS 3.7 to our clients is a wonderful milestone for us as it shows how far we have come. Our team has faced unique challenges, but we are proud of everyone’s work that has made this release a success. The improvements are included in this exciting release will provide a significant step forward to all NAUTIS users.” mentions Elisa Romero, Product Team Lead at VSTEP.  


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