The NAUTIS team at VSTEP is developing a state-of-the-art, user focused remote simulator. This highly flexible simulator with a single device operation capability will aid in conducting seamless maritime simulation training sessions, accessible from any part of the world.

Remote training is a rapidly emerging trend in the market, and the need for remote solutions have been further heightened with the current global pandemic. 

NAUTIS Remote Simulators will allow you to create tailor made lessons, flexible schedules, monitor performance of the students and trainees, access anytime, anywhere with less hardware and at an affordable cost.  

How would NAUTIS remote simulator help maritime professionals?

The highly advanced NAUTIS Remote Simulators can be accessed and operated from all around the globe, which means you can train and expand your navigational skills even when you are onboard! This makes NAUTIS the perfect onboard idling solution for your maritime personnel.  

Furthermore, it enables the safe-distance training and reduces the need for extensive travel. 

Advantages of Remote Simulator 

  • Customizable lessons

  • Adaptable schedule

  • Accessible anytime, from anywhere

  • Cost effective

  • Less hardware requirement

  • User friendly interface

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