Rotterdam, 1906-2023In October 2022, to save costs and enhance training opportunities for tug operators, Boluda Mexico began collaborating with VSTEP to revitalize the NAUTIS 360-degree tug simulator. The simulator had remained unused for two years until Boluda Mexico has recognized the value in reviving the simulator.

Reviving NAUTIS: A Cost-Efficient Choice for Boluda Mexico 

Despite the NAUTIS simulator’s two-year period of inactivity, the VSTEP team of professionals successfully revitalized and brought it back to life, presenting a cost-effective alternative to acquiring a new simulator. 

Remarkably, the revived NAUTIS simulator not only met, but also surpassed customer requirements when compared to the potential benefits of investing in a new simulator on the market. Through a thorough analysis, it became evident that the revitalized NAUTIS simulator possessed all the necessary capabilities and features to fulfill the specific needs of the customer, due to VSTEP’s completes NAUTIS feature list. This made the decision to revive the existing simulator a prudent and advantageous choice. 

Revitalization Process in a Nutshell 

During the revitalization process, the software received essential updates to incorporate the latest advancements in tug operations, guaranteeing trainees are equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills. Additionally, a full-blown maintenance check was conducted, inspecting and verifying the functionality of all components, akin to an extensive examination of an automobile, thus ensuring optimal performance and reliability. 

“The process of reviving the NAUTIS simulator for Boluda Mexico has been an insightful journey. We have invested our expertise and dedication into every aspect, including software updates and maintenance checks. Seeing the simulator operational again and understanding its significance for Boluda Mexico’s training program is truly satisfying. It demonstrates the effectiveness of collaboration and innovation in delivering a cost-efficient solution that exceeds expectations. We take pride in our involvement in this project!” 

Mark Nolen, Operations Director  

Behind the scenes of the installation process 

Advantages of Using NAUTIS Simulator 

With the revived NAUTIS tug simulator at their disposal, Boluda Mexico will be able to train in house their masters and trainees. This development has translated into significant cost savings for the company, as they no longer have to bear the expenses associated with travel and accommodation. Instead, Boluda Mexico can now educate their tug operators to the required level within their own training facility, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution. 

VSTEP has closely worked with the customer to ensure that the simulator will facilitate seamless integration into Boluda Mexico’s training program. The simulator replicates a complete field of vision due to its 360-degtee design, enabling trainees to monitor their surroundings effectively. Additionally, the integration of an Alphatron bridge further enhances the authenticity of the training experience, equipping trainees with the necessary skills to operate tugs with confidence. 

VSTEP’s professionalism, expertise and attention to detail have been evident at every step. The level of collaboration and support we received from the VSTEP team has been exceptional. We have full confidence that the soon-to-be-delivered NAUTIS simulator will meet and exceed our expectations, thanks to VSTEP’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. It’s a partnership that has truly elevated our training capabilities, and we look forward to the continued collaboration with VSTEP in the future. 

Javier Sáenz Belascoain, Director General at BOLUDA


Boluda is a renowned maritime company that operates in the shipping and logistics industry. With a strong presence in Mexico, it offers a wide range of services including harbor towage, offshore support, salvage operations, and maritime training. Boluda Mexico is committed to providing high-quality and efficient maritime solutions while prioritizing safety and environmental sustainability. With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, the company strives to meet the evolving needs of its clients and maintain its position as a leading player in the maritime sector. 


VSTEP creates innovative simulation software for professional organizations worldwide. We are a team of 60 explorers who are always up for challenges. We are not constrained by standards and are flexible in our approach to fulfilling the mission: enable learning by simulation.

We are all dedicated to the same vision: ensure that at least one-third of the maritime industry has obtained their skills through our simulation technology. Hence, we strive to make a great contribution to creating a more sustainable world. We invest in continuous R&D of our software and work passionately as a team to get there.

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