Rotterdam, 01 March 2021 – ROC Friese Poort signs a new deal with VSTEP to get the most advanced NAUTIS simulators at their training center in Urk.

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Company profile

ROC Friese Poort is one of the leading training institutes of the Netherlands that offers vocational training to around 15,000 students each year. The educational institution also provides a wide selection of training courses. These courses range from short, intensive, tailor-made to multi-year programs that are suitable for individuals as well as groups. The courses offered by ROC Friese Poort are designed to be delivered in other organizations and training institutions.

NAUTIS Simulator

The new deal

The new two-fold deal with ROC Friese Poort (Urk) is a part of Regjodeal Flevoland. The first part entails a brand-new professional sea-going Full Mission Bridge Simulator along with upgradation of 3 console simulators with the latest software, a premium control plate and replacement of all old hardware. In addition, the deal would include creation of new realistic and interactive large environments.

The second part of the deal involves upgrading the existing simulators like 240˚Inland Bridge Simulator and other smaller ship handling simulators with advanced software.  Additionally, a new vessel handling simulator will also be delivered. All the inland simulators at ROC Friese Poort (Urk) will be compliant to CESNI 2018-||-14 standards.

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The benefit

New and upgraded simulators will ensure that trainees receive the opportunity to train on highly realistic hydrodynamics and visuals, improved communication, new elements, and fixes and many more advanced features, all of which will make their learning experience smoother, more interactive and immersive.

CESNI Compliant NAUTIS Simulator

Our Inland Specialist at VSTEP, Kimberly Stolk says:

We are always committed to ensuring that future Inland vessel handlers are trained on the highest-fidelity models and receive the best quality training so that they can safely navigate the ships to the shore, making inland waters hazard-free & sustainable for all.


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