Rotterdam, 14 September 2021 – STC Group will soon receive NAUTIS Inland SimulatorsThe installation will take place oschool premises in Rotterdam where the simulators will be used to help continue equipping STC’s students with modern CESNI compliant training and prepare the students for their future careers. 

Meet STC Group 

STC provides education in the shipping, logisticstransport and process industries as well as courses for professionalsIt is a large school with 7 locations in The Netherlands and its own innovation center. They can supply their students with break-through technologies and cutting-edge trends in the maritime field. For example, as STC mentioned on their website: “We foresee that virtual reality will play a significant role in the near future when it comes to training and expertise around the world.” They practice what they preach so NAUTIS Simulators have been added to their training and development arsenal. 

Virtual Reality by VSTEP: NAUTIS Simulators

We are providing STC with four NAUTIS Inland Vessel Handling Simulators, one NAUTIS Instructor Station and a two-year maintenance and support contract. NAUTIS Simulators comply to all technical and functional requirements as stated in the European Standard for Qualifications in Inland Navigation. 

STC firmly believes in learning by doing approach, and their students are now massively benefiting from this by training on CESNI compliant NAUTIS Simulators. VSTEP’s advanced visuals allow for high realism of the river, ships and other objects which enhances the overall effectiveness of training. Using the debriefing station, the students now can zoom in on challenges they faced during training in a risk-free way and fully reap the fruits of their education.  

What Does STC Group Say about NAUTIS? 

In one of our recent conversations with STC, we asked them: “What did stand out about NAUTIS Simulators for you in the end?” 

STC mentioned a few things, among which was 

“VSTEP managed to surprise us. We were quite demanding in our public tender and required a long list of vessels. But your vessel library turned out to be extremely extensive. We were pleasantly surprised!” 

We, at VSTEP, are glad that our investments in quality and research are seen by our customers. We hope to enable STC to train their students on various vessels to cover beyond the educational program. This implies that STC’s students will have an edge over their counterparts by being able to operate on an impressive scope of vessels and not shying away should they encounter one in real life. Instead, they will exert confidence and professionalism.  

Although full-time students will certainly benefit from this, existing professionals will also experience positive implications. Having an extensive library of vessels will enable STC to create realistic scenarios that are extremely close to their real-life working environment. For example, if a professional operates on an inland tanker, they won’t have to compromise their training needs by having to train on an alternative due to software limitations. This, of course, makes STC’s courses highly desirable and competitive, and we are happy to be able to contribute to it. 

Response Simulator Extension

On top of providing STC with inland bridges, instructor station and maintenance agreement, we also complemented it with our Response Simulator (RS). STC will now use the RS expansion built in collaboration with NAUTIS to enhance the training possibilities of the NAUTIS Software.  

We would like to give our customers an opportunity to operate controllable characters to practice emergency response strategies and train communication between different roles on-board of vessels.   

So, soon STC will be able to train their students for maritime-related incidents, such as a fire on board, vessel collisions, port-side incidents, container incidents, on-board vessel incidents, both on deck and within the interior, ship stability and security threats, dangerous liquid spillages and gas releases. Having the RS Module together with NAUTIS will provide additional insights on how to respond to emergencies in a quick and efficient way so that emergencies can be tackled in a rather swift fashion. 

We are delighted to help STC with their training needs by supplying them with the highly realistic solution that allows them to develop their own sailing areas and train students effectively. 

  Kimberly Stolk, Business Developer at VSTEP 

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VSTEP’s Commitment

NAUTIS simulators are one of the most advanced maritime simulators available in the market and VSTEP team is always committed to developing the most efficient, innovative and user-friendly maritime simulators, which are not only compliant to industry standards but can also be adapted to comply with local rules and regulations.


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