Rotterdam, 5 April 2018 – Several years ago, we decided to give our valued NAUTIS maritime simulator a complete overhaul. The jump from NAUTIS 2 to NAUTIS 3 was meant to bring our world class simulation software to the highest possible level, both in terms of functionality and realism. In cooperation with top management, our development team took several new engines into consideration. After studying the different options thoroughly, we decided on the cutting-edge UNIGINE 2 Sim engine for the development of the new, future-oriented NAUTIS 3.


UNIGINE Corp. is a global developer of real-time 3D technologies based out of Tomsk, Russia. Besides offering high-end solutions for simulation and visualization, UNIGINE Corp. is a frontrunner in the integration of virtual reality systems. Constant innovation and scientific research has brought UNIGINE Corp. worldwide acclaim as a pioneer of new technologies.

UNIGINE, the engine on which NAUTIS 3 runs, enabled our developers to create every facet of the environments, water, and objects in a true-to-life manner. The superior shading and lighting combined with an advanced rendering system result in near photorealistic images. In addition to breath-taking visuals, the engine makes the creation of large high fidelity environments possible. The integration of innovative hardware like the Oculus Rift and seamless projection screens into NAUTIS is made easy by the engine.

Above all, UNIGINE was selected by VSTEP for its versatility. “Back when we were considering different engines, it was the high degree of utility and the adaptability of UNIGINE that solidified our choice. It opened new doors for NAUTIS and allowed us to create the product that we envisioned. As we have a long-term agreement, UNIGINE continues to provide VSTEP with the newest technologies, which our customers fully benefit from.” says Paul Bouchaut, Development Manager at VSTEP.

With the benefits of UNIGINE, NAUTIS continues to grow as a state-of-the-art product that provides safe and effective virtual training to our customers all around the world. We are glad to be working with UNIGINE and we certainly look forward to seeing their continued push of technological boundaries and release of innovative products.


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