Rotterdam, 24 May 2018 – VSTEP is happy to announce the upcoming release of our new NAUTIS Fishing module. This new addition to the NAUTIS product line will enable effective training onboard fishing vessels and allow fishermen (in training) to strengthen their skills in fishing scenarios. Trainees will be able to engage in all aspects such as searching, catching and handling of fish, while at the same time familiarizing with vessel maneuvering.

NAUTIS Fishing Module

The NAUTIS Fishing Module will allow trainees to train in realistic scenarios and gain a better understanding of modern fishing methods. Trainees will be able to operate an array of fishing vessels, including a stern trawler, a long liner and jigging vessels. The ability to train purse seine, pelagic and pair trawling, long lining and jigging will also be included in the module. This way, future fishermen will be better prepared to react in different environments and weather conditions. This new module will help promote sustainable fishing practices and safety in the industry.

The NAUTIS Fishing Module is designed to fulfill multiple training purposes:

  • Tracking the behavior of fishing vessel equipment in real-time.
  • Search for and detect fish shoals through the use of sounder and sonar equipment.
  • Adjustment of fishing gear.
  • Safe maneuvering in the setting of fishing gear.
  • Fish gear handling while catching in fish shoals.
  • Understanding the influence of trawl rigging on the vessel’s behavior.
  • Monitoring caught fish with a net recorder.

The module is compatible with all NAUTIS setups. This means that fishing training can be done on NAUTIS simulators ranging from desktop setups up to full mission bridge configurations. The module will allow fishing training in a practical, cost effective and sustainable way, which is in line with VSTEP’s vision.

“I am proud of the team for their continued efforts which led to the creation of this new module. We believe that a consumer-oriented mindset is the driving factor behind our continuous innovation. VSTEP is confident that the fishing module will increase safety standards in the global industry,” says Fabian van den Berg, VSTEP’s Commercial Director.

NAUTIS Fishing Vessels & Objects

VSTEP has already made its first delivery of the NAUTIS Fishing Module. Pohang Marine Science High School recently received a Class A Full Mission Bridge simulator with an additional NAUTIS Fishing Module. Pohang Marine Science High School is a maritime training school located in Pohang, South Korea. The NAUTIS Fishing Module is contributing to the advancement of the modernizing fishing industry in South Korea.

“VSTEP prides itself on being on the forefront of new technological advancements. This delivery of the new fishing module confirms the potential of our new module. We are confident that this is the first of many deliveries. I am pleased that this purchase will help future fishermen effectively improve their fishing techniques and operate in accordance to safety procedures,” says Evelina Chen, Account Manager at VSTEP.


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