Rotterdam, 22-04-2024 – VSTEP is supporting Scylla, a prominent inland company, in their quest for skill enhancement and growth.

In the beginning, when our NAUTIS simulator was deployed at Retina, a trusted partner, Scylla seized the opportunity to bolster their expertise in the inland sector. Subsequently, they assumed control of the simulator to facilitate further skill development. Crafted around the original bridge of an inland vessel, the current simulator represents a tailored solution for Scylla, enabling them to refine their skills effectively and allowing for further learning by simulation.

“I am proud to emphasize our commitment to collaboration and facilitating learning through simulation technology. Our partnership with Retina and Scylla exemplifies this dedication. By deploying our NAUTIS simulator at Retina, we provided a platform for Scylla to enhance their skills in the inland domain. This collaboration underscores our belief in empowering our partners to excel through immersive and effective learning experiences. We look forward to further opportunities to support skill development and growth within the industry through continued collaboration.”

Tije Vos, Commercial Director of VSTEP


VSTEP is a leading developer of ship simulators and virtual training software company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They enable marine and safety professionals to learn and train by simulation in an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable way to work towards a safer world. With 20+ years of experience and a strong client base all over the world, VSTEP wants to enable learning by simulation on a large scale. They do this by offering a strong NAUTIS product portfolio covering the full learning and training cycle of a maritime professional. Visit the website for more information about VSTEP.