The Lockheed HC-130 is an extended-range, search and rescue (SAR)/combat search and rescue (CSAR) version of the C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft, with two different versions operated by two separate services in the U.S. armed forces.

The HC-130H Hercules and HC-130J Super Hercules versions are operated by the United States Coast Guard in a SAR and maritime reconnaissance role.

The HC-130P Combat King and HC-130J Combat King II variants are operated by the United States Air Force for long-range SAR and CSAR. The USAF variants also execute on scene CSAR command and control, airdrop pararescue forces and equipment, and are also capable of providing aerial refueling to appropriately equipped USAF, US Army, USN, USMC, and NATO/Allied helicopters in flight. In this latter role, they are primarily used to extend the range and endurance of combat search and rescue helicopters.


Element Value
Name Hercules Coastguard
Type Airplane
Length (m) 33,8
Breadth (m) 40,2
Draught (m) 0
Speed (kts) 292
Displacement (T) 34
Propulsion Propeller (4x)
Bollard Pull (T)
Base Module Target
Standard 5 Module No
Standard 10 Module No
Tug Module No
Inland Module No
Naval Module No
Fishing Module No
Marin Module No
Offshore Module No