INTER Forward Solutions and Response Simulator Team Up to Enhance CCTV Training

The combination of Response Simulator’s safe and efficient virtual training solution and INTER Forward Solutions’ optimized Control Room solution helps people make the right decisions faster and more effectively.

The INTER – RS Partnership

INTER’s workstation solution enables the operator to make the right decisions faster and more efficiently in dangerous situations. To become familiar with the new workplace, it is necessary to train in the Control Room on a regular basis. By connecting this workstation with the virtual training solution Response Simulator, operators will be able to carry out their daily work with more confidence. They can practice their skills such as hazard identification and response strategies to unexpected incidents in an immersive virtual environment. Ultimately, combining INTER and RS training capabilities, operators will be able to enhance their skills, new operators can become fully operational more quickly, and training protocols and procedures will be implemented more effectively.

Key Benefits of the Response Simulator software

  • Building situational awareness

  • Emergency decision making (EDM)

  • Teaching effective use of resources

  • Building a common operational picture

  • Control and Command Coordination

Product Usage

The RS software can be made available on any existing INTER workstation. This allows you to switch from live control view to virtual training on any computer, all within a single Control Room.

You can train on a variety of different setups:

  • 1-to-1 Training

  • Classroom Training

  • (Future) Standalone Training

Training Possibilities

Enhance your personnel’s safety awareness by monitoring and responding to various incidents: terrorist attacks, thefts, traffic accidents, and more. The software capabilities allow you to create a scenario using an extensive content library containing virtual vehicles, characters, and objects precisely mirroring those available in reality!

In our opinion, it is essential to train operators in all possible critical situations in order to optimize the working process. With the Response Simulator Software added to our portfolio, it is possible to re-enact every critical situation to train your operators for every possible outcome. Your operators will be ready to make the right decision every time.

– Kars Marcelis, Sales and Marketing Manager at INTER Forward Solutions


In the past almost 50 years, INTER expanded from being a distributor of audio-visual solutions to a renowned systems integrator and IT / process consultant. They serve domestic and international customers alike with solutions that support users in critical and complex environment to make better decisions based on more complete and accurate information.