Partnership to unlock the power of Firefighter Training

LION EMEA and Response Simulator has recently started the collaboration to enhance the training capabilities of firefighters. Combining LION’s knowledge of training gear and RS software’s virtual training capabilities, the joint solution will help bridge the gap between virtual and real-life training.

The LION | RS Partnership

Learning how to assess dangerous environments, pinpoint hazardous situations, and act accordingly is key in becoming a well-prepared firefighter. To further enable firefighters to experience emergency scenarios and practice response strategies, LION EMEA has partnered with VSTEP’s cutting edge solution Response Simulator. The software will enable firefighters to re-create dangerous emergency situations and practice their theoretical knowledge in Response Simulator. The users will be able to create detailed scenarios using the extensive RS object library that will contain LION-specific content such as training containers. After that, they can apply the knowledge acquired by pursuing real-life training on LION’s training solutions. 

The partnership between these established and powerful solutions will bring many opportunities for firefighters to make use of an extensive training suite that fully meets their needs. 

Key Benefits

  • More immersive and comprehensive solution

  • Bridge the gap between theoretical and practical training

  • Visualisation of emergency scenarios to enhance trainee engagement

  • Expand training possibilities on all levels of the command chain within any fire and safety organisation

Lion 17.01 - Highres - Mats Palinckx-21 (1)

Product Usage

  • RS is catered to the chain of command
  • Can be used for advanced operators, occasional users or “on-the-go” teaching
  • Can be used to practise scripted complex scenarios or simple incidents
  • Can be displayed on-screen or in VR

LION | Response Simulator is a brilliant tool in providing first responders with powerful and immersive training visualization. We can expand training possibilities on all levels of the command chain. This will be key to a more efficient learning process. I am looking forward to using LION | Response Simulator!

– Mathé Koenen, Rescue Consultant Trainer at LION EMEA

About LION

LION is the largest provider of training equipment and facilities for first responders, having built the last three largest first responder training facilities in the world. Their goal is to constantly offer first responders more innovative and efficient ways to strengthen their trainings.