Rotterdam, March 3rd 2020  Aicher Ambulanz Union has signed with VSTEP Simulation for the delivery of the Response Simulator solution. With this delivery, the Aicher Group will be able to provide their trainees with immersive learning opportunities and preparedness for mass-casualty incidents. 


Aicher Ambulanz Union is one of the leading private providers of ambulance, emergency rescue and medical services. Their mission is to provide fast and efficient mobility services for disaster and civil protection in the Bavaria region, Germany. In addition to their services, Aicher provides professional training for emergency paramedics, ensuring that EMS personnel are ready to act when a major incident happens. 

Using the Response Simulator solution, the organisation will be able to train paramedics for skills such as triage tagassessment (the sorting and prioritising of injuries), leadership managementemergency decision making (EDM), and resource deployment. They would also like to expand the software use for local volunteer fire brigades in Bavaria, helping them train their leaders for big and complex scenarios. 


Triage tagassessment

“We are delighted to start working with Aicher Ambulanz Union and help them expand training capabilities. For professionals working in the safety and security field, it is crucial to continuously look for innovative ways to improve incident response strategies. Our team is proud to have Aicher Group on board and we are looking forward to building a strong partnership with them in the future”

– says Tije Vos, Business Development Director at VSTEP Simulation 

Virtual training is becoming increasingly significant in organizations that strive to ensure high safety and security standards. The virtual training tool Response Simulator brings about unlimited training possibilities for safety organisations – EMS, search & rescue and many more. Response Simulator provides users with hands-on experience and consistent training options regardless of time or location constraints  


VSTEP makes sure that you are prepared for real-life situations with our leading solutions for simulation and virtual training. Our state-of-the-art products allow you to train your skills for every scenario possible in a practical, cost effective and sustainable way. We are a Dutch based and ISO9001:2015 certified company. Stay up-to-date about the developments at VSTEP by subscribing to our newsletter or follow us on Linkedin.

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