Rotterdam, 16 October 2018 – Brisbane Airport in Australia recently signed for a renewal of RescueSim. The renewal will allow them to continue to conduct safety training in the aviation module of the Incident Command simulator.

Brisbane airport

Brisbane Airport has an aeronautical history dating back to the mid-1920s. It has grown to become the main international airport serving passengers flying to and from Brisbane and South East Queensland and was voted Best Airport (Australia/Pacific) in 2016 by the Skytrax World Airport Award. The 22.7 million passengers that travel through the airport indicate the importance of maintaining proper safety training. RescueSim is an effective addition to their training programme as it helps with Brisbane Airport’s commitment to ensure the health and safety of its employees, contractors and other stakeholders that may impact the safety of aircraft operations.

Brisbane Airport enjoys the many benefits of the RS system that include complete control and flexibility for instructors, single and multi-user training and reduced training costs. Overall training in RS provides a realistic, safe and cost effective enhancement of live practical training for the airport’s safety and security professionals. “It is nice to see that customers see the true value of our Incident Command simulator. I believe that Brisbane Airport will carry on with benefiting from the training and become an even safer airport. I look forward to continuing our mutual cooperation in the future,” mentions Tije Vos, Sales Manager RS at VSTEP.

RescueSim’s aviation module has been closely developed together with market leaders in the airport industry. This enables a simulator experience for operational and emergency response in complex airport environments. Brisbane Airport’s training leverages the system’s strength of procedural training. This training can be done for incident scenarios such as airplane crashes, inner-airplane incidents and security risks, airport vehicle collisions, airside and landside fires, and many more. The system’s detailed environments also allow training on correct airside driving procedures, security surveillance, camera observation and runway checks.


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