Rotterdam, 2 October 2019 – VSTEP recently signed a contract (through our partner FAAC Incorporated) with Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services (CCFES) for the delivery of a Response Simulator Incident Command system and additional set-up extensions that will enable comprehensive training. With this installation, CCFES will be able to provide their employees with immersive learning opportunities and preparedness for dangerous scenarios.  

Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services is an all-hazards department that responds to numerous emergencies such as fire, hazardous materials, technical rescue, and natural disaster in Clayton County and surrounding areas. The department maintains 14 fire divisions throughout the county and ensures safety and security management for 259,000 residents of Clayton. With its mission to provide their community with a safer environment, CCFES continuously improves their emergency response education with cuttingedge technology. Installation of the RS system is one of the initiatives that will bring the organization closer towards achieving this mission.  

Emergency preparedness is one of the biggest concerns of residents of Clayton County. The community of Clayton and nearby areas is vulnerable to dangers such as hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters. Safety professionals must quickly prepare for dangerous situations where seconds count and citizens’ lives are put at risk. With the RS Incident Command solution, CCFES can enhance their employees’ preparedness and response strategies to the most unexpected of emergencies.

Virtual training is continuing to gain traction and adoption across numerous fire and emergency departments. Platforms such as RS Incident Command enable more effective learning at far lower cost compared to traditional training methods. Incident Commanders can upgrade their skills by learning from an immersive and true-to-life experience in a risk-free virtual environment. Setting up incidents in real life is a very resource-demanding activity, which can be remedied easily with Response Simulator training. 

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with CCEFS, as we share the same mission to create a safer environment for everyone. Response Simulator will provide many opportunities to leverage the training programs and preparedness of Clayton County safety professionals. The versatility of the RS platform enables it to cater to each of the organisation’s unique needs and training objectives. With this upcoming delivery, we hope to benefit future generations of American fire and safety professionals and ensure better safety for Clayton County residents”, says Tije Vos, RS Sales Manager. 


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