Rotterdam, 27 February 2018 Costa Rica National Fire Academy has recently extended their license of RS. The simulation software within RS will allow the firefighters to continue training and improving their skills on tactical, strategic and operational response levels.

Bomberos de Costa Rica

VSTEP’s history with the Costa Rican National Fire Academy dates back to 2017, when RS was sold through our longstanding partner in the United States FAAC. The Fire Academy initially purchased various training stations and the maritime module. This allowed them to train the firefighters for possible incidents on board of vessels or in complex port environments. The maritime module within the RS system enables users to practice maritime and offshore training scenarios in detailed 3D environments.

The latest contract extension by the Fire Academy will provide additional training stations as well as the standard RS software. In order to expand their training capabilities, they have also purchased an additional aviation module. This system will help them focus on training for emergencies in airport environments such as runway collisions, evacuations, aircraft crashes and many more.

In line with traditional training measures, the Fire Academy also has a training facility in San José where they, besides regular activities, conduct virtual trainings. Here, the RS system allows firefighters to improve their skills in an efficient and cost-effective way. Firefighters constantly deal with dangerous situations thus being well prepared is essential. Training conducted in virtual environments is the safest method to improve their skills and become even more ready for emergency situations.

“RS is the go-to solution for many safety and security professionals who strive to be fully prepared for wide range of emergency situations. The Costa Rica National Fire Academy is a great example of combined training solutions – physical and virtual training – that support fire fighters in keeping their skills and knowledge up to date. With the addition of the aviation module the academy will be able to derive even more value from the RS system” – Tije Vos, Sales Manager RS.

The latest contract extension signals a good start for the RS system this year. VSTEP looks forward to working even closer with the Fire Academy in the future and continuing to develop new features and capabilities that will help them train even more effectively.

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