Rotterdam, 17 April 2018 – Denbigh HS, located in Virginia, United States, has recently signed for the delivery of the RescueSim aviation system. The purchase has been done through FAAC, our longstanding partner in the United States. This sale allows for highly immersive training by safety personnel in aviation related environments and scenarios. The Incident Command simulator will help them adhere to strict safety standards and promote an increased emergency readiness.  


The sale of RescueSim to Denbigh HS occurred through our partner FAAC Incorporated. FAAC is an ISO9001:2015 certified company that provides interactive training solutions and software products to the United States government and private industry. The company is renowned worldwide for its excellent training simulators and solutions. VSTEP has been in a partnership with FAAC for several years. We both share a commitment to provide value to our customers and continuously strive to deliver high-quality products and services.

The aviation system of RescueSim enables realistic, safe and cost effective training in an immersive 3D aviation environment. This system is great for training for incidents such as airplane crashes, runway collisions, evacuations and many more. Trainees can make use of the many objects and equipment in different environments during their training sessions. This will allow them to determine the best possible strategy response, which is critical due to the nature of the aviation industry.

The aviation industry is incredibly dynamic and continues to grow every year. The International Air Transport Associations (IATA) has estimated that the yearly amount of air passengers will rise to nearly 8 billion in 2036 under current conditions. The growing number of passenger movements emphasizes the importance of proper safety training. Safety and security professionals can use RescueSim as an enhancement to live practical training, thereby increasing their ability to effectively respond to emergencies.

“This deal will be very beneficial to Denbigh HS. The system that has been purchased will be used to adequately prepare students for emergency situations. RescueSim has been proven to be an effective tool for training. Denbigh HS should find that their expectations will be met by our excellent Incident Command simulator. We look forward to fostering and maintaining good relationships with both companies in the future,” says Marijke van den Berg, Account Manager at VSTEP.


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