Rotterdam, 18 June 2019 – VSTEP’s collaboration with Maritime Academy Harlingen has strengthened even further with the recent purchase of the RS maritime package. This new addition will enable the academy to teach students proper shipboard incident management, besides regular vessel handling training.  

RS Maritime package

Maritime Academy Harlingen enjoys a long history in the industry with experienced staff dedicated to providing high-quality practical training. Programmes are tailored towards a high number of students across different educational levels. These students can train to operate in inland and coastal waters and focus on maritime transport for their future career paths. The academy’s dedication to provide the best means of education fits well with the new purchase and with a joint user conference planned next month, the connection with VSTEP is further highlighted.

VSTEP first came into contact with the training centre for the sale of NAUTIS inland simulator solutions. NAUTIS simulators satisfy training options such as inland vessel manoeuvring, handling and navigation. However, to expand the capabilities as well as competencies of their future skippers, the decision was made to utilise the newly upgraded Response Simulator (RS). By making use of the maritime package within the RS platform, safety training can also be conducted next to vessel handling, which further bolsters user skills in the event of a real shipboard incident.  

“The addition of RS paves the way for more comprehensive training solutions. Detailed maritime scenarios can be constructed with easy-to-use creation tools within the RS platform. This is a great step forward for Maritime Academy Harlingen,” mentions Tije Vos, Sales Manager RS at VSTEP. “RS already empowers users operating in various industries to get much more value out of virtual safety training. With the tools we provide, training centres such as Maritime Academy Harlingen can apply a wide range of industry specific objects, characters and environments that allow high-quality training in familiar settings.”   

This type of immersive simulation training opens the doors to many types of training using the latest technological advancements. VSTEP’s goal to provide efficient training solutions will enable Maritime Academy Harlingen to benefit from tools that will effectively train the next generation of their students 


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