Rotterdam, 18 October 2019 – This week VSTEP released the Response Simulator 1.2 – Autumn update. In this release several important new features were introduced, among which is session Recording & Debriefing. The Recording & Debriefing feature allows training sessions to be recorded, loaded and replayed for expanded training discussions. This will enable the users of RS to undergo an even more in-depth training experience. 

RS - Winter time - Scenario

This Autumn edition update of RS brings with it many beneficial features and content for our users. The team has focused on delivering a software version that would elevate our users’ experience and allow them to further extend their training capabilities. This was possible due to the utilisation of feedback that we regularly receive.

A key feature in this release is Session Recording & Debriefing. This feature allows the users to record training sessions, load them and eventually replay the whole session or only the selected parts. Debriefing enables the users to evaluate their performance and discuss their decisions together with the instructor and peers. Effective debriefing is an essential part of any training – not only to evaluate the training but also to extract further learning points. 

RS - Session - Recording
RS - Session - Debriefing

Triage is another important feature which allows the training instructor to place a board on an injured character and display medical details; this information can further be used by the trainee to categorize the extent of injuries. Furthermore, in order to provide a wider range of view angles, binocular view has been added – and it can be easily switched with using joypad. To make the extensive RS object library more convenient, a function has been introduced that allows users to hide or show certain categories in the library.  

With this RS Autumn release, the following effects (FX) were added to the software: foam – this prototype effect is essential for aviation and industrial training; jet flame – a horizontal flame used to simulate fire emitting from ruptured pipes, plane engines and other similar incidents; gas cloud and spark visualization and more.

On top of all the above features, this version of RS also includes plenty of new content – characters and physical objectsMoreover, an extensive new environment featuring a town with hilly forested surroundings is available. This environment was built using a new library of vegetation which enables detailed and realistic representation of forested areas. Furthermore, the environment includes urban, rural and hilly areas with snow coverage available to create wintertime scenarios

“The RS 1.2 Autumn release is a great milestone in the development of this extensive product. We are especially proud of introducing the Recording & Debriefing function which will elevate user experience and allow them to extract more value from training sessions. In addition to session recording and debriefing, we have delivered plenty of new features and content that surely makes RS stand out in the market” – says Ben Borrie, RS Product Manager.  

RS - Flood - Feature


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