Rotterdam, 15 October 2020 – This week marks the release of the newest Response Simulator version 1.5. This seasonal update highlights key features such as a Push to Talk radio functionality, audio recording for instructors and trainees and a new Debrief Mode. These features will add a unique advantage to the Response Simulator product in the market and significantly elevate our users’ training experience. Also, as usual, this release contains plenty of new content and useful software updates. 

Debriefing screen
The New Debrief Mode with Audio Playback

The release brings attention to the Instructor & Trainee Voice Recording which enables all verbal communication between trainees and instructors to be fully recorded during the training. The Push To Talk is also a noteworthy functionality – users can press a pre-selected button to communicate with each other. Both functions are usable via VPNmeaning that even while working remotely in different locations, instructors and trainees will be able to communicate and debrief the training together.

Another highlight of this RS 1.5 release is the new Debrief mode, allowing trainees to easily playback the recorded simulation in sync with all verbal communication. The Debrief Mode allows users to effectively evaluate their performance and discuss response strategies with the instructor and peers. 

RS 1.5 new content
New Content and Feature Improvements in RS 1.5

The release also comes with expanded sequencing functionality – allowing characters to be spawned, assigned and ejected to/from vehicle seats within a sequence. This enables better customisation of the character interaction with vehicles, making the building of the scenario far easier. 

Besides all of the above features, the version contains bug fixes and plenty of new content – vehicles, damaged buildings and child characters. The new content will allow users to utilise a vast content library to build realistic and highly complex scenarios.  

Ben Borrie, RS Product Manager said about the release:

This release has brought a prolonged and unique set of challenges as we strived to develop sophisticated new Audio functionality whilst adapting to working from home. But perseverance triumphed – We are all hugely proud of the resilience and adaptability shown by our team that ultimately led to achieving our objectives. The new and unrivalled Recording and Debrief functionality in this release will provide our users with a powerful platform to analyse and assess their training sessions.” 


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