Rotterdam, 19 March 2019 – Long-term VSTEP client Gezamenlijke Brandweer extended their Response Simulator license for the coming year. Their specialized fire fighter teams will be able to continue training their skills on our new virtual training system due to this recent contract extension.

Gezamenlijke Brandweer

The Port of Rotterdam is one of the biggest and busiest ports in the world. In order to ensure that the port and the surrounding industrial area’s safety is guaranteed in case of emergency, joint efforts from the local government and private companies took place. This led to the formation of a Gezamenlijke Brandweer brigade, a cooperative that brings together 65 companies in the area. It was founded in 1998 by the municipalities of Rotterdam and Rozenburg and Cooperative Industrial Fire Brigade (CIBUA). This public-private entity utilizes professionals that are specialized in industrial firefighting and have good knowledge of the companies operating nearby the port, thus offering services that go beyond that of governmental and private fire fighters.

Gezamenlijke Brandweer added Response Simulator to their training programme in 2015 when they purchased the software together with the Industrial module, which contains industry specific objects and allows the scenario creation of industrial incidents (e.g. tank fires or liquid spillage). With the RS system fire fighters are able to practice various emergency situations in a safe and virtual environment. In the system they can create various scenarios, train how to respond in particular emergency situations and afterwards evaluate their actions through debriefings. The consequences of incidents in industrial areas can be very severe. Hence, proper safety preparedness is key.

The Port of Rotterdam is home to many companies operating in the production, storage, shipment and use of hazardous substances, which poses a risk for workers and the environment. Response Simulator is the perfect method to ensuring that the firefighters can help protect both workers and the environment in the event of a crisis situation. “Working with companies from our city Rotterdam is always a pleasure as we share the same willingness to live and work in a safe environment. We are happy that Response Simulator is a preferred virtual training system for Gezamenlijke Brandweer bridging both public and private companies to handle incidents in the Port and its surrounding areas.” – Tije Vos, Sales Manager RS.


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