Trelleborg Fire Department has purchased the 3-year Response Simulator subscription via our partner Skyskol – a Swedish company that provides training solutions for safety professionals. With this solution, the department will be able to train their leaders for complex scenarios and develop emergency skills.

Trelleborg Fire Department (Räddningstjänsten Trelleborgis local Swedish fire service responsible for preventing extraordinary incidents and carrying out rescue services in the three areas of the Trelleborg municipality: Trelleborg urban area, Anderslöv and KlagstorpThe firefighters in Trelleborg work around the clock to maintain readiness for extraordinary situations and ensure safety and security for their residents. 

Before purchasing the RS software, the department faces difficulty in carrying out large-scale and complex incidents. They used PowerPoint presentations and pictures to re-create accidents, but this method offers little immersion and inadequate preparation for complex and stressful situations that firefighters often face. The virtual training software Response Simulator will allow them to create and train in a variety of scenarios such as residential fires, car accidents, chemical spills and search and rescue. 


With the purchase of the Response Simulator solution, Trelleborg Fire Department aims to train their rescue leaders for emergency decision makingincident leadership, radio communication and risk assessment. This will help their fire chiefs become more prepared to make fast and efficient decisions when accidents happen. Adopting simulator training is a new field for Trelleborg Fire Department, but their firefighters are excited and proactive to start creating scenarios and training using RS! 


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