Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many safety organizations have to facilitate their training operation online and look for innovative ways to do so. To help safety professionals achieve their training goals while limiting their in-person contact, VSTEP has been developing the Response Simulator Cloud solution, which will allow training to be done from anywhere, and at any time!

Remote GB testing day_1

Remote testing day at Gezamenlijke Brandweer

Over the past months, we began testing the solution with our long-time user Gezamenlijke Brandweer (Joint Fire Bridgade in Rotterdam, the Netherlands). With the solution, firefighters at Gezamenlijke Brandweer were able to be placed into an immersive, virtual environment and keep learning despite the pandemic. This reduces the need for extensive hardware, as trainees can access the training from their own computer through the Cloud-based applications.

Joost Gerritsen, firefighter at Gezamelijke Brandweer reflects on his experience:

“When COVID-19 hit we struggled a lot with maintaining our trainings. We were no longer able to visit the factories and companies in our area or organize a training with RS. We already were using Response Simulator but to minimize contact moments, the instructors were not allowed to visit the fire stations.

With the help of VSTEP, we quickly developed a solution: Remote access. After a few tests, we were able to connect to a training scenario from different fire stations and even from home.
This way we could train multiple incident commanders without face-to-face contact. With the debrief module, we are even able to replay the entire scenario with recorded communications.

Currently we are in the final steps of moving our systems entirely in the cloud to even improve the remote training experience. The expertise and quick and friendly response from the people of VSTEP are irreplaceable for us and we are looking forward to the next level of training we can achieve together.”

Response Simulator Cloud solution will allow users to create tailor made lessons and train their crews for critical situation from anywhere, at anytime, with less hardware and at an affordable cost. With the findings from the testing process, we were able to identify improvements and technological feasibility for the Cloud-based virtual safety trainer. VSTEP is excited to be developing an innovation solution that changes the way safety professionals learn, train and collaborate!

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