Rotterdam, 20 July 2020 – It is with great pleasure for VSTEP to announce the collaboration with Ruth Lee – a world-leading provider of lifelike manikins and training aids. With this collaboration, Ruth Lee will operate as the official representative of the Response Simulator product in the UK and Ireland markets. Both companies will join forces to help users fill the gap between theoretical and practical real-life training. 

With growing demand from firefighters for cost-effective and immersive training solutions, Ruth Lee recognizes that they need to accelerate their digital training solutions to remain on the competitive vanguardResponse Simulator was chosen as it has developed a well-established position as one of the most advanced incident command simulation solutionin the marketThe RS-Ruth Lee partnership brings together the possibility of VR, AR, and MR (mixed reality) to help enhance training outcomes for safety professionalsThe users of Ruth Lee’s training products will be able to build a virtual training scenario in Response Simulator and familiarize themselves with specific emergency situations in a controlled and risk-free environment. They can further this training by applying their knowledge in a real-life training using Ruth Lee training gear. 

“VSTEP and Ruth Lee Limited share a lot of common values, such as transparency and integrity. They are very focused on supporting their customers and invest a great deal of resources into product development. We have had a valuable insight into their ‘roadmap’ of upcoming software features and user benefits and are even more convinced that they have a lot to offer the UK and Ireland markets.” – says Paul McDonnell, Managing Director at Ruth Lee. 

The partnership with Ruth Lee is a perfect combination – our risk-free and cost-effective training tool Response Simulator is uniquely complimentary to Ruth Lee’s mission to further enhance training capabilities for their customers. At the same time, their knowledge and expertise will allow us to drive far more benefits for potential clients in the UK and Ireland market. – says Tije Vos, Head of Business Development for Response Simulator. 

Both companies are excited about the partnership and its added value for it brings to safety and security professionals. Together, they will unlock the full potential of combining real-life and virtual training to place clients on the best path for enhanced training outcomes. 


VSTEP makes sure that you are prepared for real-life situations with our leading solutions for simulation and virtual training. Our state-of-the-art products allow you to train your skills for every scenario possible in a practical, cost effective and sustainable way. We are a Dutch based and ISO9001:2015 certified company. Stay up-to-date about the developments at VSTEP by subscribing to our newsletter or follow us on Linkedin.

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