Rotterdam, 15 December 2020  SDIS 67 (Fire & Rescue Service 67 in Strasbourg, France) has recently signed a contract with VSTEP Simulation for the delivery of two Response Simulator stations and three extensive maritime, aviation and industrial content packagesWith the RS solution, the specialized firefighters from three cross-border regions (France, Switzerland and Germany) will be able to train their skills for various crisis situations and ultimately, enhance the safety level of the Rhine territory and surrounding areas. 

Inland Incident with the RS solution

SDIS 67 is an autonomous public department that operates in the Bas-Rhin area. With its mission to protect people, SDIS 67 continuously improves their emergency response education with cutting edge technology. The fire department initiated the Cross-border Risk Academy (l’académie transfrontalière des risques) with several German and Swiss partners. The aim of the academy is to connect safety and security professionals along the Rhine in order to bring together their knowledge on emergency issues and better prepare for critical challenges of today and tomorrow. 

The Rhine river

The Rhine is one of the major European rivers, fulfilling important societal functions: safety against flooding, inland waterways, and freshwater supply. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that firefighters in the area have the necessary skills to protect citizens and the environment in the event of a crisis. With the Response Simulator solution, French, German and Swiss firefighters can create highly detailed scenarios such as: inland terrorism, fire and explosions on board vessels, oil leakage, and many more. Afterwards, they are able to train response strategies to emergency situations and evaluate their action through debriefing mode. The capabilities of the RS software will enable them to enhance skills and carry out their daily operations with more confidence. They will also benefit from cross-border and multilingual training exercises, as the software offers French and English language options with German soon to be released. More relevant than ever before with the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic is the possibility to conduct remote training.

“In the time of an exceptional health crisisSDIS 67 firefighters must perform vital roles in everyday emergencies while still maintaining social distancing. With the remote solution that Response Simulator offers, the challenges of training can be mitigated as firefighters will be able able to train closely to reality, whenever and wherever. – says Tije Vos, Business Development Director at VSTEP Simulation. “We are proud to add SDIS 67 to our client base and look forward to helping them enhance their safety training program. 


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